Tomorrow’s another day!

May 7, 2010

My warmest thanks to all those who have taken an interest in my Independent candidacy and who have voted for me.

I came fourth out of six with 1976 votes. I beat the BNP and the other Independent. For those with an interest in figures – that works out at about nine pounds sterling per vote.

The next few months are going to be interesting in UK politics. At a later date I will decide whether to have another go.

For now I’m going back to being retired and I propose to enjoy the summer.

Adlai Stevenson was a famous American politician, known for his ready wit. When at a public meeting a member of the audience shouted out “All thinking people are with you Mister Stevenson!” Stevenson shouted back “That’s not enough. I need a majority!”

I know how he feels.


Hexham Middle School meeting

May 4, 2010

A lovely group of people from 17 years old to pensioners came to this last meeting of the campaign. Loads of questions – went on for almost two hours.

Last day strafing the locality with leaflets tomorrow and then…


May 3, 2010

There’s nothing better than homemade soup after a hard morning’s electioneering.

The entire team turned up at dawn in Hexham and after seeing every nook and cranny that Hexham has to offer we were only too glad to pitch up at Marie’s house for soup and rolls.

Marie has a close interest in horticulture, especially its historic aspects, and we enjoyed the soup as much as the history of the ingredients.

Thanks Marie!

Good news from Luton South

May 1, 2010

Strong rumours from Luton South that the election there has turned into a two horse race between two Independents – very interesting!

Postal voting

May 1, 2010

Until I became involved in this campaign I had not fully appreciated the importance of the postal vote. In the last election 12% of the votes cast were postal and this time there will be even more it is estimated.

Already scores of people have volunteered the information that they have already voted for me – this could not be more encouraging.

In the Emerald Isle there is the well known aphorism: ‘Vote early and vote often’. Perhaps the author had postal voting in mind.


May 1, 2010

Two trips to Bellingham in the last 24 hours – excellent range and number of contacts. Practically talked myself hoarse.

Bellingham Farmers Market has a great range of stalls and the people are so friendly.

At the same time as the market there was a display of Morris Dancing – excellent as usual. Afterwards they commented on how difficult it is to dance on a 1 in 8 slope.

Vast quantities of balloons and literature handed out.

Responding to contacts

April 29, 2010

Several hours each day are devoted to personal responses to emails, letters and phone calls or texts.

Being notoriously prolix I suspect that my replies sometimes exceed expectations. Five hundred words is usual and a couple of thousand commonplace.

The range of topics is very wide.

Sometimes there is a constructive to and fro which can be very informative. I make a point of not pretending to know everything and people seem to respond well to that.

Many are delighted not to have received the usual party blather but a considered genuinely personal response.

This evening several postal votes have been confirmed for me which is very warming. Thank you.

A criticism has flooded in!

April 29, 2010

It had to happen. A criticism has flooded in!

At this evening’s meeting at The Golden Lion in Allendale I was accused of being an idealist and the suggestion was made that this was losing me votes.

This reflected comments that my interlocutor had heard following my appearance at the Crown in Catton. For a teetotaller I am spending rather a lot of time on licensed premises it seems.

My response was that I viewed idealism as a quality sorely missing amongst the political class as a whole – with honourable exceptions. Idealism, when tempered by real politik and good sense, ought to be a virtue.

What do other people think?