The view from the Whitehouse, Dr. Sarah Wollaston and campaign expenses.

There is an absolutely fascinating insight into President Obama’s view of David Cameron on$1316792.htm
In essence, the man’s a liability to the UK and will be handled accordingly by the Whitehouse.
David Rothkopf, US foreign policy expert and former deputy under-secretary for international trade under Bill Clinton said “I used to think David Cameron was just an empty suit, but it is increasingly clear that the former PR guy… ought to be ditched at the altar both by the British people and by the Obama administration.”
Mr Cameron’s choice of Michal Kaminski (who has a highly dubious past as a member of the neo-Nazi National Revival of Poland (NOP) party) as leader of the European Conservatives and Reformists, drew this comment: “[It makes Cameron] an even more dubious choice to be Britain’s next prime minister than he was before and, should he attain that post, someone about whom the Obama administration ought to be very cautious, pillar of leadership acumen he ain’t.”
Congratulations to Sarah Wollaston on getting selected to stand as a candidate in Totnes in an ‘open primary’. She’s in the wrong party of course but she is probably right to say that her success may well be to do with her NOT being a typical party politician.
The Conservatives spent almost £40,000 on the open primary election, a procedure they are not anticipating doing very often. This highlights the enormous sums they have to spend. Have a look at Blog 7 for further comment on the point.

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