After the conferences, NHS & IMF and some reading recommendations.

When Cameron became Tory leader, Ian King, former business editor of The Sun newspaper, described him as a ‘poisonous, slippery individual’. Jeff Randall of The Daily Torygraph opined that he would not trust Cameron with his daughter’s pocket money. Oh dear!
The savings that Osborne reckoned would arise from increasing the retirement age have now been shown to have arisen from a misreading by his team of a paper by a third party. Ooops!
The general tenor of economic thought is that cutting public spending in a recession, before the boom phase is securely under way, is economic suicide. Hmmm!
Vince Cable’s mansion tax, 0.5% of the value annually for houses over £1m, is looking less shiny now that the complexities and costs involved in enacting have been shown to be considerable. To be fair, most economic spokesmen for parties tend to limit themselves to small scale fiddling, presented as the greatest idea since lunchtime, when trying to catch the voter’s eye. What they have all missed is the desirability of adding simplicity, rather than further complexity, to the already monstrously over complicated tax regime.
Darling’s conference proposals were notable by their absence – a steady as she goes speech. But then, having been at the job for while, he would say that, wouldn’t he?
Did you know that the IMF is joining in the attack on the NHS? Foremost amongst the IMF’s proposals for containing the UK’s burgeoning debt is cuts/privatisation for healthcare. Anybody curious about the history of unregulated free-market capitalism and healthcare should read Naomi Klein’s books and especially ‘The Shock Doctrine’. It is a very sobering book.
Whilst on the subject of reading – may I suggest the following?:
Post-Democracy by Colin Crouch and The Triumph of the Political Class by Peter Oborne. Plenty of time to put them on your Christmas list.
Having read them both you will never be able to vote for any political party again – ever!

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