QEHS Question Time, Copenhagen and setting up meetings around the constituency.

On Saturday there was a Question Time type meeting in The Queen Elizabeth High School in Hexham. At a guess there were two hundred people there. The format was 2 minutes each on nine questions submitted by members of the public.
The questions included: Climate change, Afghanistan, farming, education, the role of MPs, NHS, Trident, international law and the countryside. The biggest positive audience response, I thought, was to my having planning permission for my own wind turbine.
With such large subjects, two hours each would scarcely have sufficed but all four candidates have now appeared in public for the first time and the election ball has started to roll in Hexham. There was plenty of opportunity for chats with people afterwards and much positive reaction.
A big thank you to Caroline Westgate and the Hexham Debates Steering Group for setting the meeting up so well.
Copenhagen is now underway and, as could be expected, the sceptics have been in evidence in force. They appear to have recruited the FBS (successor to the KGB) to do their dirty work for them, hence the appearance of the leaked emails from climate academics. At this stage it is impossible to predict the outcome; in fact a final outcome is unlikely even if things go well.
The scale of the changes that are needed is potentially daunting but, as a nation, we have faced grave problems in the past and found the necessary response. It is noteworthy that the majority of the sceptics seem to come from the right of the political spectrum.
An essential part of any election campaign is meeting people around the constituency. I am very happy to travel to any part of the constituency to meet individuals or groups, at times convenient to them and to discuss anything and everything.
If you are able or willing to set up a meeting, please be in touch through the website. Thanks.


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