Weather, career guidance and more Independent candidates.

There is a real risk that some of the climate sceptics will suggest that this cold winter means that climate change is not happening or has even gone into reverse.
Climate change is what happens over hundreds or thousands of years and weather is what happens from one day or month or year or decade to another. Consequently 46/47, 62/63 and 09/10 are merely weather – even if the snow hangs about until May. The nearest places that I have found lying snow in May since coming to live in Northumberland are Hartside and the road south of Coalcleugh.
Whilst the UK is currently a handful of degrees below average temperature for the time of year it is interesting to discover that northern Canada, in the area of the North West Passage is actually ten degrees warmer than average.
This item caught my eye:

It could apply to so many of today’s political, financial and business types…
If you Google you will come across a number of excellent websites of both individuals and groups. There is more political activism taking place for this election than any I can ever recall. 2010 is going to be the most interesting, the most unpredictable and the most important for decades – certainly since the end of WW2.
Prof. Tim Briggs, from the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Middlesex is standing on a similar ‘Save Our Hospital’ ticket to that on which Dr. Richard Taylor stood.
Independents are the future of our democracy and our numbers are growing daily. We can and must take back our parliament from the political and business elites who collude out of sight and thereby disenfranchise us all.


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