Steve Ford’s suggested reading and website list

Minimum essential reading – to know what you are letting yourself in for.

How Parliament Works Rogers & Walters ISBN 1-4058-3255-X
Everything you ever wanted to know about the operation of parliament.

Commons Knowledge Paul Flynn ISBN 1-85411-206-6
A back bencher’s guide to the job.

General political

Mastering British Politics Forman & Baldwin ISBN 13 978-0-230-00012-4
A general reader on British politics.

The Myth of the Rational Voter Bryan Caplan ISBN -13: 978-0-691-12942-6
An interesting polemic.

Contemporary Political Ideologies Eatwell & Wright ISBN 0-8264-5173-X
A general overview of the principle ideologies in current or recent play worldwide.

Political Theory Andrew Haywood ISBN 0-333-96180-3
A general reader.

Post-Democracy Colin Crouch ISBN 978-0-7456-3315-2
A polemic that will make you angry.

Independent Member AP Herbert Howard Baker
An autobiographical account of an extinct species – a university MP.

Wyre Forest to Westminster Elizabeth Hoggarth Bewdley Printing Company Ltd.
All about Richard Taylor’s rise to Westminster. Very inspiring for all would be Independents.

A History of Modern Britain Andrew Marr ISBN 978-0-330-43983-1
Easy reading over view of Britain since WW2.

The Triumph of the Political Class Peter Oborne ISBN 978-1-41652-665-0
Another polemic that will make you angry.

Understanding Power Noam Chomsky ISBN 978-0-099-46606-2
A rather heavy going polemic – interesting in places and small doses.


Another Bloody Century. Colin Gray ISBN 0 29784 627 2
For those with an interest in future defense policy. Chilling!


On The Wealth of Nations PJ O’Rourke ISBN 978-1-84354-388-6
A polemic that is irritating but provides an insight into the Dark Side – neo-liberal unregulated free market capitalism.

Where Are the Customer’s Yachts? Fred Schwed ISBN 0-471-11978-4
An account of Wall Street around the time of the Depression by a tyro dealer. Plus ça change…

Who Runs Britain? Robert Peston ISBN978-0-340-83944-7
Peston is very readable and this lucid account of recent events will make you angry.

The Storm Vince Cable ISBN 978-1-84887-057-4
Mr. Cable understands as an economist and writes as an economist because he is an economist. This very readable book beautifully illustrates the hazards of a uni-dimensional world view – there is so much non-economic context that remains unaccounted for.

The Constant Economy Zac Goldsmith ISBN 978-1-84887-067-3
Interesting and, for a Conservative, provocative. His words sometimes make me doubt the depth of his grasp of some elements of the topic. If he proposes to walk as he talks, why is he in the Conservative party? Will Cameron give him the authority and backing to get things done? DEFCON ONE – multiple inbound flying pigs!


Half Gone Jeremy Leggett ISBN 1 84627 004 9
This man worked for big oil – he writes convincingly and alarmingly.

Sustainable Energy – without the hot air David MacKay ISBN 0-9544529-3-3
Easy reading. No messing. Plain language. A good general reader on the topic.


Reckoning with Risk Gerd Gigerenzer ISBN 0-140-29786-3
Statistical illiteracy or allergy is the bane of many parliamentarians. This book will get you started. I know enough of the subject to know that I do not know enough yet and this is the book to which i will turn as required.

Websites of interest
Get registered with them.
Useful think tank.
They offer a daily political news digest.
All you need to know about the NHS and its future needs.
Get your name down on their lists of candidates.
The only politically hygienic party in Britain today.
Keep an eye on the Dark Side and don’t forget to cleanse, tone and moisturise.
The strangest things are committed to the web.
Not an easy read.
The importance of being earnest.
Interesting overview.
A campaigning organisation looking to improve our democracy.
Another campaigning organisation looking to improve our democracy.
There is no shortage of political activism on the web aimed at improving our democracy
Useful environmental site
Well known environmental activists.


12 Responses to “Steve Ford’s suggested reading and website list”

  1. Marry Delling Says:

    Normally, I am not very fond of politics in general – however, occasionally we all have to pause for thought. There are several excellent arguments debated here, and I am paying attention – thank you.

  2. political humor cartoons Says:

    Good work! Those dudes at your competition (I think you know who they are) don’t even have a clue! Keep up the good work! I have a Political Humor site of my own at White Rabbit Cult… I will place a link back to your post. Thanks!

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  4. Numbers Lauck Says:

    For me that sounds interesting, who knows what the future will bring… Lets wait for it…

  5. Rosena Lytle Says:

    I mostly get my news from sites like yours and! i can no longer stand cable news.

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    i would not have guessed this had been interesting a couple of years back nonetheless it is amusing exactly how age adjusts the means by which you understand variable creative ideas, thanks with regard to the blog post it’s pleasant to look over anything intelligent occasionally instead of the popular rubbish mascarading as blogs on the web, cheers

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  9. Raphael Higaneda Says:

    Good Job on the articles you have here, thank you for putting your time into it!

  10. Mr Science Says:

    Just found this article on Bing – do you have any other

  11. Dean G Says:

    I feel where you are going with your argument, I really do but your blog is a reflection of who you are, and is an expression of your views alone. Clearly your open minded and receptive to other ideas.

  12. Emmanuel Walker Says:

    Just discovered your site and I think it’s great. Gotyou bookmarked so I can come back and check out some more posts. It’s apparent you know what you’re talking about…

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