Look after our NHS

For an excellent and easy to read few pages on the threat to the NHS have a look at: http://www.lookafterournhs.org.uk/

Because of the crafty approaches taken by both Conservative and Labour governments the true picture of the danger that the NHS is in may not be obvious at first glance.

The original purpose of the NHS was to relieve the fear of injury, illness, suffering and death. All of the conventional parties have forgotten this. They now want to treat patients as units of production in an industrial process rather than as people.

Commercial healthcare is inefficent, costly and, ultimately, harmful to people.

Private providers in the UK have been given hugely profitable contracts with little or none of the safegurads that apply to the NHS. In places GPs are being paid money to refer patients to private providers rather than the NHS.

The NHS, like any large organisation, requires constant refinement. For the last quarter century successive governments have taken the view that it would be better done away with altogether.

I reject this view and will do all I can to protect and nurture ‘free at the point of contact’ universal healthcare for Britain.

The NHS demonstrates that we value every person equally – there shall be no winners and losers amongst the sick and injured in our country.


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