The Hexham Debate – Trident

Cardinal Keith O’Brien ventured south from his northern fastness to remind Hexham that it is not that long since the Wallaces sacked the place. A second attack was bought off for the paltry sum of £2,000.
St. Mary’s meeting hall is palatial in scale and was packed to the doors – this is clearly a topic that resonates with the Hexham public.
Cardinal O’Brien delivered a well considered talk that ranged widely over the topic of strategic nuclear weapons, from both a global and UK perspective. His focus was squarely on the desirability of the UK having the stature to move towards unilateral nuclear disarmament.
He fielded a great number and variety of questions, though in this he was somewhat hampered by having left his hearing aid in Scotland. The solution arrived at, for him to stand in the midst of the audience, worked rather well I thought for the personal quality it leant to the answers.
Before and afterwards I was approached by many people keen to shake hands and have a few words. Several further meetings opportunities seem to have arisen from this one – just invite me along any time any where and we can have a natter.


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