Conservative humour!

A vastly amusing Conservative leaflet has arrived, stating unequivocally – “2010 – A YEAR FOR CHANGE IN HEXHAM.” I really could not have put it any more clearly myself, given that the Conservatives have been squatting on this constituency for almost a century – change is vastly overdue and coming!

The remainder of the leaflet is made up of a ‘Mom and apple pie’ spoof survey.

The letter concludes: “Remember – You have a real chance to vote for change at this coming election.” Readers can be reassured that, by email, I have already recommended that he doesn’t give up the day job yet.



One Response to “Conservative humour!”

  1. Marc Says:

    Great to see that the Tories are coming round to your way of thinking. It is probably too cold for someone who has just moved up from the South so a change in Hexham will enable him to get back to the warmth of Bournemouth – if they allow him back.

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