Let’s rain on Ashcroft’s parade!

The Independent reports today on the extent of Ashcroft’s interference in British democracy. In some constituencies, it is reported, electors receive DVDs of the local Conservative candidate, carpet bombing with billboards and leaflets and legions of staff for the offices.

This behaviour is alarmingly similar to that which we see in the USA.

Perhaps we should stop calling them marginal seats and restore the old term ‘rotten boroughs’. The Great Reform Act is being buried in a landslide of cash.

There has been talk of reform but nothing has happened. There has been talk of determining Ashcroft’s tax status but nothing has happened. This is a very mucky corner of politics and another target for independents to concentrate their fire on.

What a glorious irony it will be when some northern peasant, out of his owns means, pulls a safe seat out from under the Conservatives. Let’s rain on Ascroft’s parade!



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