Stafford hospital

Having just read the Lib Dem health manifesto, and believing it to be barely distinguishable from the ramblings of the other parties, I am amazed at the facile analysis offered and the hopelessly misbegotten solutions proffered.

Tonight we have news of the disaster at Stafford Hospital for which the blame is being attributed to management. Of course the politicians will blame management but who set the targets and strategy that management was following?

The brutal, amoral, market-orientated, alien, managerialist intrusions into healthcare originate from both Conservative and Labour governments – starting with Fundholding, going on to commissioning, ISTCs, PFIs and the whole train wreck of ‘reform’, ‘choice’, ‘contestability’, PBR etc.

Buying and selling the sick and injured for profit is profoundly uncivilised, even barbarian. Every pound of ‘saving’ or profit is a pound that parliament voted from tax to be spent on patients which is wasted.

Until this homicidal ideological lunacy is confronted and terminated there will be more Staffords.

The NHS is a vital service. It is not and never can be a business. None of the conventional parties have a clue about effective reform because none shows evidence of understanding the nature of healthcare.



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