BBC – again

The BBC is going to trim its channels and slim down its website. The elements that seem to be under discussion are almost unknown to me but I am profoundly agitated about the implications.

The BBC is an absolute national treasure and the reason that it supplies almost all my TV and radio requirements is because it is non-commercial. I have a place to go where I can get information and entertainment of reliable quality without the intrusion of commerce. It is a source of enduring mystery to me why so many people appear content to be bombarded with cunningly engineered propaganda, specifically designed to rob them of their wits and their wealth.

Murdoch and his type are the 21st century’s archetypal purveyors of bread and circuses. Given their global reach and political influence they are also very dangerous.

Though I have no reservations about paying a TV license, others feel differently. It is a price worth paying to avoid continual tendentious harassment in my own home.

I do agree, however, that the BBC does not need to do everything. By restricting imported material usage, native talent can be nurtured and employment created. By leaving mass market popular culture to the commercial outlets, the BBC can innovate and lead. By raising the quality of its news coverage and current affairs programming, both in the domestic and global arena, the BBC can be a trusted source and invaluable focus of deliberation.

Already I can hear the criticisms. I reply, why shouldn’t our national broadcaster be amongst the elite in the field? That’s good, isn’t it?


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