The sleaze from Belize

Not only is this phrase a brilliant starting point for a limerick, it prompted thoughts of another well known phrase – ‘No taxation without representation.’

Simply reversing the words we get – ‘No representation without taxation!’ – which seems apposite. I’m surprised that none of the nationals has used it yet.

The more that emerges into the public view about this affair the more slimy the whole thing looks. The most recent estimate that I have encountered is that Ashcroft has saved £127 million in the period in question.

Many column inches are devoted to demands for greater penalties for offences that pale in comparison to the attempt to buy an election in a modern democracy. Perhaps we should be thinking of life imprisonment for deceiving or defying parliament and the people – quite apart from the the tax avoidance itself.

Would it be realistic to view what Ashcroft has done as a form of treason? Someone remind me what the current penalty for treason is…


One Response to “The sleaze from Belize”

  1. Frokostordning Says:

    Well… that’s very interessting but honestly i have a hard time understanding it… wonder how others think about this..

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