Another hilarious leaflet through the door.

Come back Pinocchio! All is forgiven.

Noses are getting longer by the day amongst the local political class. On today’s leaflet we are confidently informed that ‘Our next MP will either be popular local Lib Dem Andrew Duffield or yet another Tory outsider. No other result is possible.’

By a curious coincidence the leaflets so far delivered have appeared on the day of a team meeting and we do love to have really good belly laugh to start the evening off.

Neither Lib Dem nor Labour, no matter how popular or local, have a snowflake’s chance of taking Hexham. It hasn’t happened in almost a century and it’s not going to happen now. Nationally, Labour’s numbers are dithering at or below the Conservative figure and the Lib Dems are forever racing sideways in the polls at 18% or thereabouts.

The truth is that it’s me or the Tory.

So far, I have not encountered anyone who is going to vote for any of the three old parties.



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