Land based industries

The thing that we have most of in this constituency is land. We are blessed with a vast abundance of space and it is this that points to our future prosperity. The land based industries, all of them, can have and should have a brilliant future but will the old parties recognise this and act? I doubt it.

We can grow the food and energy that will underpin the UK’s national food and energy security in this century and the next. We can grow industrial raw materials. All of these things benefit our export potential and reduce our import liabilities.

We can have expanded employment opportunities in existing businesses, new businesses and new ways of working (on-line at home). All of which will lead to rejuvenated, vibrant and lively rural communities.

The UK is severely overpopulated and this increases our dependence on imported and increasingly expensive and vulnerable supplies of food and energy. None of these self evident facts are addressed by the conventional parties. Indeed the concept of food and energy secirity seems quite alien to them.

The foundation of all civilisations and nations is the growing of food. It is no different now. All land based businesses must be the subject of urgent political focus. To sustain lasting success agriculture needs:

Dedicated parliamentary representation
– only an Independent MP can provide this, the party whip always comes first for party politicians.

An effective European voice – the CAP is up for renegotiation 2013, how confident are you that the party politicians will secure a good deal?

Reliable prosperity – a more equitable distribution of profit between producer and distributor/retailer is required.

Continuous innovation – backed by well funded scientific departments, working closely with existing rural businesses.

Excellent career prospects – more and better vocational, academic and in-service training.

Environmental responsibility – agriculture is the guardian of our traditional country environment and should be supported in that role with appropriate regulation and grants.

Diversification – broadening of the rural economic base is essential. More enterprise will yield more prosperity, stability and employment.

Respect – Those working in rural areas are right to expect respect and proper consideration from their urban counterparts and to have their views properly taken into account and acted upon.

Production of biofuels – can promote energy security. These no longer need to be made from food crops and can be derived from almost any biological materials. The North East is already a leader in this field and the scope for local exploitation of this technology is great.

It is time for this constituency to have a local MP who is fully committed to the welfare and prosperity of the land based industries.



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