Why aren’t women more angry than they are?

What do women want and by when?
None of the candidates in Hexham (at the time of writing) is female. There is nothing an Independent can do to change that but what are the excuses from the old parties? Whilst being opposed to women-only lists, I find it almost beyond belief that there were no suitable applicants to any of the parties.
Why are so few women in Westminster (19%) when Rwanda has over 50% in their legislature and India is setting a requirement for a minimum representation of 33%?
Why do so few women have seats on the boards of large companies? In Norway, there is a statutory requirement for a minimum of 40% and since that law was passed company performance has improved.
Equal pay has not arrived yet. Why not?
Childcare and maternity/paternity leave still appears to be unfinished business.
Breastfeeding is still problematic in some venues.
Locally, most women wish to deliver in Hexham but most women are denied the option because there is no longer a consultant led 24/7 unit. This is all part of the steady decline in status of Hexham hospital, against which we must all mobilise.
Women are the predominant victims of domestic violence. Women are the predominant victims of rape and sexual assault. For how much longer? Where are the adequate facilities for tackling these major problems?
Women are suffering increasing damage from alcohol and tobacco. For the sake of our whole society we need to address these topics but none of the parties has the leadership and stature to act.
I have not heard the other candidates taking women seriously yet…



One Response to “Why aren’t women more angry than they are?”

  1. Roger Says:

    Great piece Steve – my question is why aren’t more women and men channeling their righteous anger into creating the New Politics that you represent?

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