Dr. Richard Taylor, Independent MP for Wyre Forest, endorses my campaign

Dr. Richard Taylor, Independent MP for Wyre Forest, has very kindly endorsed my campaign in the following words:

“I worked with Steve as a medical colleague some years ago and I know that, if you elect him to be your Independent MP, he will work very hard for you at home and represent your wishes at Westminster without the influence of a political party.

He will be a welcome addition to the other Independent MPs and has the experience and ability to make a difference and to make the most of the unique privilege of an Independent MP – to speak and vote for the Government if it is right and against it if he feels it is wrong and not in your best interests or those of our country.

I wish him every success and hope to see him in the House of Commons.

Best wishes, Richard.”

I have met Richard several times in recent years as I have worked towards standing in this election. The campaign that he fought was such a landmark in British Politics (he overturned a Labour Minister’s majority of seventeen and half thousand with his own majority of the same size) that there was a book written about it: Wyre Forest to Westminster by Elizabeth Hoggarth (Bewdley Printing Company 2002)


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