Odds shortening rapidly

Ladbrokes can be relied upon to point the way.

Whereas I was at 100/1 to win, I am now at 66/1. That’s a big change and there’s more change coming.

With the latest news of the parliamentary rent boys and girls, the political terrain is getting more and more chaotic. The political class is digging itself in deeper and deeper every day.

The national press is now taking up the story of the growth of Independent candidates – today I have spent the best part of an hour in the phone to one of the national broadsheets and in the next day or two there is a similar session with the Tory’s main supporting tabloid.

This is getting more exciting and more unpredictable. Will the budget allow Labour to pull a rabbit out of the hat or is that an entire squadron of flying pigs just passed between the chimney pots?

Pass the word around and help to stir things up. Use Facebook and Twitter to get things going. If everybody tells six people and they each tell six people…


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