Farmer’s Market and Haydon Bridge

8.30am to 2pm baking in the very welcome hot sun – an ideal way to spend a Saturday morning. Whilst the team fanned out into the streets of Hexham to leaflet, I manned the stand at the east end of Hexham Abbey.

Three quarters of the time was spent in conversation with a very diverse selection of passing pedestrians, many of whom made a bee-line for us as soon as they spotted us.

Since then there have been much email traffic and further meetings set up.

Saturday evening we had a very friendly meeting in the Haydon Bridge Community Centre. Not a vast crowd but then this is my home patch and most people know me anyway.

It is surprising to me how it is not always the same subjects that come up. People’s ideas, concerns and interests cover a huge area. The public is not as easily fooled as some politicians may suppose.


One Response to “Farmer’s Market and Haydon Bridge”

  1. Marc Hydleman Says:

    A report on your time at the Market is posted on with a couple of pictures.

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