BNP in Hexham

Apparently the BNP has chosen to stand in Hexham. Who will lose the most to them – Conservative or Labour. The name of the BNP candidate suggests that it will be the former. Tee-Hee!

Apart from that jocular aside I have nothing good to say about the BNP. I have taken the trouble to look at their website and, if you can get past the spelling and grammatical errors, you can see that vulnerable people might find it plausible.

I’d be amazed and dismayed if the candidate got his deposit back.


One Response to “BNP in Hexham”

  1. David Says:

    In respect of condemning racism have you signed the refuge pledge (particularly given the above opponents) – see

    Ditto regarding supporting the armed forces, have you signed the Royal British Legion manifesto? ( )

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