Is there a Monster raving Loony amongst us?

Our BNP candidate has an unusual name. Isn’t Google wonderful!

There can’t be many people with the name Quentin Hawkins about and so we must now address the vital question; does this URL point to an earlier political incarnation as a Conservative.

We had all feared the existence of such a connection of course but rarely raised the topic in polite company.

Does anyone know the truth of the matter? Two Conservative candidates in one constituency is almost as vexing as two Independents – even if one of the latter does have Lib Dem associations in the recent past.

And I thought that politics was such a gentlemanly occupation…


2 Responses to “Is there a Monster raving Loony amongst us?”

  1. Cllr D J Towns Says:


    If this is the same Quenton Hawkins, he is indeed a Monster Raving Loony. He tried to stand as a Tory candidate in the last local elections, but we got wind of his views early on and stopped his candidature. He then proceeded to bring an Employment Tribunal claim against the local Party, for RACIAL DISCRIMINATION!

    Lunacy knows no bounds, it seems. We were glad to be rid of him, and we defeated his claim (he has brought many more against others, including shops and businesses in Morpeth) usually failing.

  2. outsidethemarginals Says:

    Delete “site” from the above link?

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