Surging Lib Dems

Will the Lib Dem surge harm the Independents. Barely, if at all, in my view. Its the whole political class that is on trial in this election and there’s no way round the fact that The Lib Dems have been a feature in the political landscape for as long as the other two.

There is, of course, many a slip twixt cup and lip too. This campaign still has a significant distance to run, two ‘debates’ and lots of local activity. In my life time there has not been a more unpredictable election, nor a more interesting one.

A hung or balanced parliament sounds positively attractive to me. Its the rampant ideologues being given their head by FPTP that have landed us in the mess we are in. We need consensus, coalition, deliberation, evidence-based-policy rather than policy-based-evidence and, above all, stability and long term policy.

Lets make it happen. Vote Independent.



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