A criticism has flooded in!

It had to happen. A criticism has flooded in!

At this evening’s meeting at The Golden Lion in Allendale I was accused of being an idealist and the suggestion was made that this was losing me votes.

This reflected comments that my interlocutor had heard following my appearance at the Crown in Catton. For a teetotaller I am spending rather a lot of time on licensed premises it seems.

My response was that I viewed idealism as a quality sorely missing amongst the political class as a whole – with honourable exceptions. Idealism, when tempered by real politik and good sense, ought to be a virtue.

What do other people think?



One Response to “A criticism has flooded in!”

  1. Roger Says:

    ‘Idealism’ here is a slightly pejorative cousin to ‘vision’.

    Vision is necessary for people who intend to live life, or work their ticket as an MP, ethically – no vision no ethical judgment.

    Vision and ethical decision-making strike a small number of people as strange but that goes to show that we have become super-cynical – because of the antics of many MPs and the rot that has set in to the old system and the old parties.

    We the electorate need to change as well as the MPs. We need to realize the value of ethically outstanding candidates and MPs.

    Democracy requires continuous commitment – not a vote once every 5 years followed by 4 years and 50 weeks of abdication, carping and cynicism. We need an MP with whom we can run a partnership. That’s why so many in Hexham are voting for you.

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